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Blessed with a strong, intelligent, and beautiful wife, John if the father of two wonderful boys who mean the world to him. He was raised with two brothers and a sister by parents who taught him that family is everything. Priority #1 always.

If John could golf everyday, he would. Possibly to the neglect of dietary requirements. His handicap jumps around with inconsistency between 7 and 12 (depending on how much he’s playing). If he’s not playing a few holes in the twilight of a summer night at Ferncroft CC, he’s probably down on the Cape swinging at Cummaquid Golf Club with his father. When given the chance to mix business with pleasure, he’ll probably be on the 1st tee waiting for you.

Having trekked through the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Smokies and Rockies, John has enjoyed vistas from atop many a mountain and hill. From the thin air of Telluride, Colorado, to the brisk winds of the Bigalow Range in Maine, it’s all about gettin’ the blood flowing. He’s not much for solo trips though: “the more, the merrier!”

John’s passion for sailing began at the age of 12 when his mother enrolled him and his brother in a local sailing school. To this day, nobody is sure who enjoyed the class more; Mom got a few hours of peace and John discovered the art of wind racing. Upon graduation, he was called “The Killer Tiller” by many of his peers and received many awards on behalf of the West Dennis Yacht Club. Though he doesn’t own a boat now, he’s anxiously waiting for his next cruise.

His most recent of interests, John loves participating in community rides and runs. He won’t deny the desire to kick a little butt, however he’s competing against himself mostly. In his last Monster Challenge Triathlon he bested his record time by one minute (not much, but better). He’s aiming to beat it again by even more this year. He also participates in numerous runs along the Charles River, Boston, and in rides throughout New England.